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Symptoms of Nail Fungus

Are there particular risk factors for nail fungus?

Heat & Moisture

In most places where people practice sports it is particularly easy to catch nail fungus. E.g use of public areas with warm and moist conditions such as gyms, swimming pools, showers and changing rooms.


Damage to the nails, or little cuts and wounds, create skin breaks where fungi can easily enter and settle.

People who are at particular risk

Heat & Moisture

The risk to catch nail fungus increases as you age. Hereditary factors will also influence. People with chronic diseases like diabetes, immunodeficiencies, peripheral vascular diseases or psoriasis are particularly susceptable to nail fungus.

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What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus or Onychomycosis, is in short, the infection of the nail by fungus. The condition, which is contagious, starts in one nail and gradually spreads to more nails.

Discoloration/ Thickening/ Cracked/ Brittle

Nail fungus thrives in warm and damp environments such as swimming pools, public showers and changing rooms to name a few. Warm and tight shoes also increases your risk of getting infected.

Protect your kids from Nail Fungus

Let’s face it, kids are just little bundles of joy packed with enough energy as there is fuel in a rocket to go to the Moon and back. They run around the house with bare feet, picking up things and even try to taste them. Contact with dirt is unavoidable and it is through this that your child will learn and develop. However, this can also make them susceptible to nail fungus infection.

Nail fungus can affect children of any age and thought it may not be as harmless as parents think, nail fungal can lead to allergies and worst, malfunction of the immune system. The infection might appear as just a slight discolouration of the nail at first. But, as it prolongs, the nail(s) becomes thicker, brittle and darkens. Sometimes, the child may experience burning in the feet and pain when walking.

If you notice the symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately! This infection will not go away if not treated properly.


Nail Fungal Solution

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*Based on IMS private sector data for competing antifungal nail products under ATC4 D1A1 Topical Dermatological Antifungals class as of Q1 2018.
1. Piraccini et al. Dermatology 2017;233:178-183. Early Visible Improvements during K101-03 Treatment: An Open-Label Multicenter Clinical Investigation in Patients with Onychomycosis and/or Nail Psoriasis.

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